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Experience hollywood’s premiere platinumsmith

The creator of one of Hollywood’s most sought-after collections of platinum jewelry, Philip Press is a renowned master platinumsmith, leading diamond and gemstone expert, and preeminent jewelry designer. Press has bejeweled a multitude of celebrities, Miss Universe, Miss USA, and even royalty, for a wide variety of high-profile events, including the Oscars, Golden Globes and Emmy awards. His exquisite platinum designs appear frequently at various bridal, fashion, charity and luxury events alongside other leading brands and artists. Press has established himself as the designer of choice for stars, mogul couples and other discerning jewelry aficionados, as well as the betrothed.

Proprietary Platinum Alloy

Old-world style meets modern precision & craftsmanship

We make our own high-grade 950 platinum alloy for all of our pieces to maximize luster and patina, as well as the longevity and value of our jewelry. While platinum is the finest choice for jewelry, not all platinum alloys are created equally. Most mass-market jewelers use Pt 900, which means that 10 percent of the alloy is typically a low-grade filler. When platinum jewelry is stamped with Pt 950, this means that the alloy is 95% platinum. However, it’s the 5% that makes all the difference and that sets our proprietary alloy apart. Many commercially available platinum alloys become dull and lose luster over time. Worse yet, these alloys can be brittle and often cause porosity, or tiny air bubbles, within a mounting or prongs, leading to future cracks and loose or lost stones. By working with a globally renowned Ph.D. metallurgical engineer, we developed an optimal, proprietary platinum alloy that is whiter, brighter and more durable.



We hand-wrought our filigree by sculpting a very thin piece of heated platinum into lace-like, ornamental designs, a vintage technique handed down by old masters. The result is exceptional detailing and beauty. Hold a Philip Press piece with filigree next to a mass-produced “designer” brand, online outlet or imitation, and the difference is stunning. Their filigree is typically pre-cast, causing it to be chunky and unrefined. It all comes down to craftsmanship.


Pavé and micropavé are popular design elements that require highly skilled craftsmen to create. Quality in this technique is two-fold: the precision of the diamond setting with tiny, but secure beads and the grade of the diamonds used. Our accomplished masters artfully pavé or micropavé a wide variety of design features – from bezel settings to prongs – both delicate and substantial bands. And, we use only ideal cut diamonds to produce the maximum sparkle and light performance.


Our master platinumsmiths were tutored decades ago in the Old European methods of classic platinum engraving prominent in the Art Deco era, and today are among a handful of specialists in this artistry. We make our engraving tools by hand to further ensure that each cut is deep, precise and full of intricacies. This is far from the typical, uninspiring engagement ring manufacturers that pre-cast engraving to save money. Their pseudo-engraving wears off over time and devalues your jewelry