For you, what are the key aspects of your Bracelets?
The key aspects of the bracelets I design are “FORM” and “FUNCTION”. Over the years I have seen many interesting and attractive looking bracelet designs, but too many of them either could not or did not function, and were not comfortable to wear. A GREAT bracelet needs to look beautiful, feel great, and functions properly, so it will give its owners generations of enjoyment. The moment you try on one of my bracelets, you will immediately see, and feel the difference!
What is the feeling or themes you focus on or your bracelets evoke for you (couture, high fashion, tradition, craftsmanship)?
The feeling a fine bracelet is different for different people, purposes and occasions. It goes without saying that most people’s style and taste are different, and we create bracelet styles to fit virtually all tastes and styles, many of which are custom made for the client. Whether it’s a red carpet level statement piece, or a casual, everyday style, we create each and every piece with exacting care and attention to detail that you would come to expect from us.
Describe what makes your bracelet collection, construction, or philosophy unique?
What makes our bracelet collection so unique, like all of our other pieces is the quality of the components, the attention to detail, unique styles that are often totally custom and made to order, not to mention the level of craftsmanship that is almost non-existent in today’s world of mass production. Our bracelets are not just “designed” but they are engineered to function flawless for generations.


8611 West Sunset Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA 90069
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